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About Us

A lifestyle brand dealing in fashionable consumer electronics with expanded product range including but not limited to an extensive catalog of Smartphone covers, headphones, earphones, gaming accessories, bluetooth speakers, home care products, personal care products, travel chargers & premium cables.

Intensive research on the market for gadgets and prior knowledge of a small group of people led to the creation of Bazaar 10, owned by Shiva Ventures Inc. As a team, we share the same relentless pursuit of perfection, constantly refining and enhancing our products to create the best user experience possible. We are also fearless in testing new ideas and pushing our own boundaries with a sole intent to create unmatched user experience. We’re passionate about technology; our in-store experts are eager to share their knowledge. You can count on us to provide well-rounded advice on a broad assortment of latest and unique products.

Our “Shoppers” are the pillars upon which our foundation has been built. Shoppers, who would be the trendsetters, a person that likes to make his/her presence known. The ones who love to rock out and have fun, to fearlessly dig deep and stay en-grained to their own truths. Being motivated, styled and still charged up are the characteristics of our “shoppers” and thus, we also want to cater to the same energy through our products by making quality and efficient accessories to enhance their lifestyle.

Catering to diverse & competitive Canadian population and in the middle of such global competition, we want to grow as a brand which is trying to break the pattern and change the world and to create a paradise for our “shoppers”. Our dedication and belief in innovation, together with the support of our “Shoppers”, are the driving forces behind our unique yet affordable products.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that we provide every customer with the highest level of service and industry leading products.

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