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Franchise Opportunities

Joint Venture Partnership

This model promotes young business entrepreneurs to join Bazaar 10 panel on a 50:50 sharing basis. Both Bazaar 10 & onboarded partner shares the finances, ownership, risk, and profits equally. It averts a typical franchisee situation wherein any franchisee partner is financing the entire store and is fully liable for all risk.

Bazaar 10 partnership not only comes with shared investment and risks but also comes with a great deal of knowledge that is shared with franchisee partners.

Being a partner in profit, Bazaar 10 core team will work closely with you to attain better sales & customer service which results in higher profits. Our team will be equally engaged & supporting you to ensure that the store is profitable. In case the store is not profitable, even we don’t make money.

With this route, the franchisee partner is also not liable to pay any franchise fee or brand royalty, which normally ranges between 10% - 30% in a typical franchisee scenario.

Shared Responsibility

Bazaar 10 core team will support the franchisee partner by providing ongoing support in Marketing, accounting, product development & ensuring availability, Identification & fulfillment of training needs, backend support & monitoring of operational standards.

The franchise partner will be responsible for the day to day operations of the store including but not limited to Staffing, store upkeep, and defined customer sales & service standards.

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